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C-Scope Nazis



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After spending my entire career creating and fine-tuning a curriculum that challenged all students, generated outstanding TAKS scores, and created real thinkers and problem-solvers, the district opted to buy a canned curriculum called C-Scope. It was written by various folks, none of whom seem to understand the need for logical order or teacher creativity. As of this writing, administrators are moving into classrooms en masse with cell phones in hand so that they can text violations directly to the ESC. If a teacher is caught not following the "script", he/she is immediately reported and written up. I would like to hear your stories.


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Oh Boy!!!

Now we have to be robots on top of everything else. Gee, they'd get me on paraphrasing and changing prepositions. I wouldn't last but a week or so.


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Seriously? What other profession would tolerate this?!?! We are trained professionals. If we need a script, we definitely shouldn't be teaching. What a nightmare! I hope my district doesn't head this way, but with every change it seems more and more likely...


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cscope is not intended

to be a program used without any supplements. Look at the site. Find the lines that explain that. I've read it. Show your administrators. It's meant as a resource.


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I looked at the cscope site again. It says, "they can and should be supplemented with other available resources." They're talking about the lessons not standing on their own. Show somebody who matters. Just go to your level....mine's 4th. Choose a subject and click on the lessons. Hope that helps.


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C-Scope was one of the things at the TOP of my list of reasons I got out of teaching. <!--yuck--> I feel for you.... I really do.

Its workable, it really is....you can supplement it and work outside the box (prison) of C Scope if you get creative.

C Green

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Sounds gross

I once had a nightmarish adventure with a canned curriculum.

Definitely show someone in authority that it's not meant to be used like that, if that may help. This sort of thing is just ridiculous.

Kel. my Belle

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I feel your pain, We have been suffering with c-scope for three years now.. the first year they told us it was a "just a tool in our toolbelt" and it has evolved into a "nonegotiable" We have to do it. Which we all hate...they could get any nut off the streets to read a script...

We only have to use the science and math sections thankgoodness, but we have these aweful training days every six weeks where they remove us from the classroom and read the units we will be teaching out loud to us! it is so patronizing...

Change better be coming soon....