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C-V-C Word Mapping Activity



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I adapted some ideas to make this C-V-C Word Mapping activity and thought I'd share. The pictures are in the order that Reading Horizons Phonics program introduces letters/sounds, but once the picture cards are cut apart and laminated, you can put them in any order you need.

If you use Reading Horizons, my original file has a label with the letter group identified in the bottom right corner of each picture card. That makes it easier to sort the pictures to differentiate for students who are working on different letter groups. If you need that version, just let me know.

I couldn't get the pdf file to upload and when I tried to upload from the URL, I got an error message. I created it in Google Slides so I am not sure why it isn't working. So I will try to use a link, C-V-C Word Mapping . Crossing my fingers that it works.

The first two pages#have the student workmats- 2 on a page.# The first version of the workmat has numbers in the color-coded Elkonin boxes for additional support. I am going to print on cardstock and laminate mine to use during small group time, but you could make one for each student to use during whole#group. You could either display the picture on the Smartboard for all the students or give each student several pictures to use. This could also be used as a center activity. You could have the student take a picture of the completed workmat on Seesaw and record him/herself reading the word.

The rest of the pages are the picture cards for the c-v-c words to map. I put a box with the picture names on the side of the pages so you know what to call the#pictures. You can also use the picture cards for other activities#like sorting by initial sound/final sound/medial vowel sounds, say and build or write c-v-c words, rhyming picture sorts...(I included pictures for final consonant x.)

Word Mapping:
*You will need to print, cut out and laminate the student workmats and the picture cards ahead of time.

Place a picture card in the designated#space at the top.

1. Say it. (Have the student say the name of the picture.)
2. Tap it. (Have the student touch the color-coded Elkonin boxes as he/she taps out the individual sounds or have the student put a counter or a cube in each box as he/she taps out the individual sounds.)
3. Spell it. (Have the student use letter magnets, letter tiles, letter cards, foam letters to spell the word. He/she puts a letter for each sound.)
4. Write it. (Have the student use a dry erase marker to write the letters on the guidelines.)
5. Read it. (Have the student mark and read the word he/she wrote.) For Reading Horizons-Kindergarten, we mark an X underneath the vowels in the words. RH-First Grade would also mark an * above the final consonant.

*Challenge: Have the student use the word in a sentence.

I hope that someone can use the activity.


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That is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! I'm totally going to use it as soon as I can get it printed and cut. What a great resource to add to our cvc work. Thank you for always being so generous with your work!


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To make it easier to manage with small group, I will decide on pictures ahead of time so I can have my students pull out the needed letters to save time.
(My kids have magnetic dry erase boards :confused and a set of letter magnets.)

For example: picture cards-bag, bad, dab, fad, gab, beg, bed and letter cards-a, e, b, d, f, g.

We would do a warm up first. Have students place the letters in a row on their dry erase boards. Have students do the following with the letters: pull down while saying the name of the letter and push back up in the row as they say the letter sound.

I attached a sample activity to show how I will do it.
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Thank you! These would be good to use with my first graders at the beginning of the year too!