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Calendar Notebooks

Classroom Management 


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For those of you that use calendar notebooks/journals, how do you actually use them with the kids? Do the kids use them on the floor with something harder underneath while sitting in front of the calendar? Or do kids do the calendar notebooks at their tables? Do you bind the pages together in a book, use a binder, or just individual sheets? Does using a calendar notebook/journal add more time to the calendar routine? I really want to change things up a bit/add something to our calendar time (especially after winter break but probably before that) for next year.
Have you found any great resources you use for calendar notebooks? I've made my own pages in the past (time for a makeover).
I'd love to see other examples!

Miss Binney

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The years I used calendar notebooks I just used 3-prong folders. There was a different folder for each month. The first year I used binders, but it was a pain to change everything out each month. When I did the folders, I would just prep all the folders for the year in the summer.
Here's what I had in mine:
- Blank calendar to fill in dates (September's had dashed numbers that they traced. After that, they were blank.)
- Tally Sheet
- Weather Sheet
- Monthly poems
- Days of school page - this was kept in the pocket, not 3-hole punched

Occasionally, my students would do their folders at their table, but mostly they just did it during calendar time. I would put out a box of pencils and a box of crayons. My students would get their folders, a pencil, and a crayon and go to their spot on the rug.

For the monthly poems, we did those at their tables. We would read over the poem and then identify sight words, punctuation marks, word patterns, etc. Then they would decorate the page.

At the end of the month, we would color in the calendar squares to make a pattern. That was usually at their tables as well because it was more time intensive.


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thank you!

Your response is super helpful, Miss Binney! I like the idea of getting them all ready before the year - time intensive but then they're ready to go! Would you mind sharing what you used for a monthly poem?


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I LOVE our calendar notebooks! We don't start them until after winter break. I feel like the kids are really ready by then to take off with them. It's definitely my favorite math routine we do. I use a 3 prong folder - here's what they have in them

  • one page for each number 1-30 - the number is really huge on the page. Each day we turn to the page that's the same number as the date and record a few ways to show the number. At first it's very simple - a tens frame, drawing, etc., but now they are coming up with fantastic equations, etc. We just keep adding on until the year is out.
  • four pages in two page protectors - one has a number of the day set-up where we write the number and word, find it on the number line, show it on tens frames and with tally marks, and draw or write an equation. The next has how many days we've been in school and we do quite a bit of work with that (this is definitely geared towards my higher kids) - color in rods & cubes to show the number, do the number one more, ten more, one less, ten less, and use the digits to make different numbers. Then we have a hundreds chart and a blank hundreds chart. We do a lot of different skills with the hundreds chart, play "giant monster squeeze" with it, and on the blank one we do a "beat the teacher" challenge where they try to fill in the grid faster than I do.
  • a page with the months calendar on one side and a place to graph weather for the month on the other - they learn how to put the new month in by themselves very quickly, so I don't have to do it every month for them. We fill in the date each day and color it to match the pattern on our classroom calendar. At the end of the month there are some questions about the weather graph that we answer as well.
They can be at the tables or on the floor - it's their choice unless they make a bad one. ;) We don't always get to every piece of it depending on time, but I definitely try. I also have a calendar helper each week that does everything on the classroom calendar for us.

I saw a lot of different calendar notebooks on tpt and pinterest, and just took pieces here and there and adapted them to meet our needs. Like I said, I love doing it and feel like it's very valuable. It's great repetition for the lower kids, and yet can really challenge the higher kids at the same time.