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Calendar Time in 2nd


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I am going to 2nd after teaching 4th grade. We didn't do calendar time in 4th and so I have no idea how or what to do. My school uses Everday Math and I know they do some calendar, but what exactly I have no idea? Can anyone help me?


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What I think I am doing

I did 2nd & did calendar time then did 4th then for a while 3rd neither in 4th or 3rd have I done calendar time. What I did & what I think I am doing now (because I am being moved back to 2nd) is:

what is today? "Today is Wed., August 28, 2010" then what was yesterday's day of the week? What will tomorrow's day of the week be?
maybe depending on time do more (What will the date be in a week? etc.) then we will say all the days of the week (I broke down & bought a CD) & months of the years & say the pledge & hopefully I will read a story.

I'm not sure but that's what I am aiming for but it has been SOOOO long since I have done it & this year I am going to have 33+ students!


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Calendar time

There are so many math concepts that can be covered during calendar. I would take a look at your math standards and see which ones fit into calendar for your grade so you cover the most possible at calendar time. Some things I start at the beginning of the year, others I might add later in the year to change it up for the kids a little and add a more challenging concept.

Some of the things I covered when teaching grade 2:

  • patterning - you can create simple to complex patterns with the numbers for the calendar
  • odd and even - we used unifix cubes adding one each day. They were put into pairs so the kids learned how to tell if it was an odd or even number (every block had a friend).
  • skip counting - we use the calendar for counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, etc.
  • money - add a penny each day and trade up for nickles, dimes, quarters.
  • place value - you can use sticks or straws and add one each day, bundling on the tenth day.
  • equations - I had the kids orally give me equations for the date, this was a great activity because it worked for kids of many different abilities, so if it was the 10th of the month they came up with equations that equaled 10. Some would be quite simple addition and subtraction, others got more complex and used multiplication and division. They liked to challenge each other to come up with the most complicated they could, I had one kid who even loved to use square roots and exponents! This was in a multiage 1/2/3
  • graphing - you could have the student of the day check the temperature and then record on a graph. Graph number of students at school or have a question of the day and graph the responses.
  • tallying - we used calendar to teach how to make tally marks, we did a tally of the number of days we were in school.
A lot of teachers I know have the students do an individual calendar at their desk right before calendar time in a duotang or binder. They have a blank calendar for the month where they put the date on, record the weather, do their tally marks, etc.

Jessica Meacham has some great ideas for calendar on her website and info and downloads for doing the calendar binders or folders.


Hope that helps :)

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In the beginning of the year I start calendar time until the students get the routine down. THen my 2 helpers teach calendar time, of course I monitor, but am able to get things together during that 10min.
The calendar activities I did every day were:
- TODAY IS, yesterday was, tomorrow will be. I had cards the students placed on the calendar to show this after answering the questions.
- COUNTING THE DAYS POCKET CHART. Added a straw every day, bundle every ten and put in tens place. This helps with place value and introduces regrouping.
- EVEN OR ODD. In the beginning of the year I ask if today is an even or odd number refering to the counting the days pocket chart.
- SKIP COUNTING/MONEY - I have 4 cups; 1 for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. We put a penny in the penny cup every day, a nickel in the nickel cup every 5 days, a dime in the dime cup every 10 days, and a quarter in the quarter cup every 25 days. Usually counted the coins every 10 or 25 days.
It depends on how much time you have for calendar time how much you want to do. I know a lot of teachers who do patterning as well.


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100 days puzzle

I saw the puzzle idea on Jessica Meachum's site and thought it would be fun. Amazingly, I found a 100 piece piece puzzle in the Target $1 bins. The puzzle is a $100 dollar bill! How fun! I now need to put it together, number it and get it ready for calendar time :)
Thanks for the idea!