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Calling all creative people!!

Carrie in WV

Full Member
I work in a small private school, grades k-12. Aside from being a teacher, I am also on the development committee. We are always looking for ideas to raise money.

I had an idea to do a "dinner theater" with the theme, "The Sounds of Music". I don't have time or resources to do the whole "Sound of Music" play, but I think I could handle it if we just used the major songs from the musical. We have choirs comprised of elementary and 9-12 and I was planning on choosing some students from all grade levels to be the Von Trapp children and sing specials.

Has anyone tackled something like this?? I mean, I know that other schools do musicals all the time, but I am a 5th grade teacher, not the music teacher. My principal wants me involved because I have done singing/acting in large productions. However, I have never been in on the "behind the scenes". Any tips or suggestions?

I am working today to start brainstorming different committees that we will need, but if it is anything like the auction we had, there will just be a few of us involved!

Thanks in advance!