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Calling all third - sixth grade s.s. teachers


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I was asked at a faculty meeting on Firday to look into a new series from grade 3-6 in social studies. Ours really are bad. Two years ago, they replaced K-2 with Scott Foresman.

What do all of you use?

What are the pros and cons to your series?

I am going to look into gettting samples this week but, I was hoping for your help in narrowing down my search.

Thanks in advance.

Marie from PA


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Social Studies Textbooks

We currently use Scott Foresman and Prentice Hall Explorer. There are good and bad points about both. However, I am trying to locate a text that covers our curriculum more thoroughly. We teach Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which are each given one chapter in the Scott Foresman book. We use the Prentice Hall Explorer book on Latin America to supplement Scott Foresman on that. And then the Middle Ages is covered in just over one chapter in Scott Foreman. The Prentice Hall series provides section quizzes which are perfect for a quick check on their understanding. Overall, I like the Prentice Hall extras better than the Scott Foresman. Ideally, I would like a text that covers each time period we study in more depth. I use a lot of extra materials to fill in the gaps. Keep us informed on what you find in your search. Thank you!


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3-6 Social Studies Series

We use Harcourt Brace. The book is nicely done but does not cover all our third grade standards. We use the book for two units and the rest we use outside resources. Good luck finding the right series for your school!



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S.S. Texts

We use Houghton Mifflin. I actually like the series, but it does require a little supplementing. Hope this helps.


SS Series

We use Scott Foresman in our grade level. Our problem is that it is written at a high reading level, or so it seems. Kids cannot read it independently. We do a lot of reading aloud. I like the book though. There are a LOT of writing.literature and project based ideas in there!




We use Harcourt Brace. This is my first year teaching social studies and I teach 6th grade. I do supplement with lots of simulations which helps.