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calling frugal and creative people!



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Rug holder idea

Just a few ideas:
- a tall laundry basket.
- take PVC pipes cut to the length you want, then secure together with bolts.
- old carpet rolls (from carpet store) cut to size needed and secured together.

Good Luck!


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Check out PVC pipe at one of the home improvement stores. Its usually pretty cheap, and in my experience they will cut it for you. Then you could connect them with colored duct tape. I'm stuck with what you would put on the bottom, but if you had enough, then you wouldn't really need anything. :) Or... they might have things that you put on the bottom of the PVC pipes.


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Could you go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy some large diameter PVC pipe from the plumbing section, have them cut it into lengths whatever height you want, then use some hot glue or other adhesive to get the pipes to stick together and they would stand up on their own? Then you can roll the rug up and tuck it in?

Interesting problem. Hope you find a great bargain solution. :D


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Thanks for suggesting PVC! I'm going to look into that!

I used braided rugs a few years ago, and I just had them rolled up and standing in a basket. I found that the kids had a hard time keeping them tidy and just ended up shoving them in. When it's full, it's fine, but when half of the rugs are out of the basket, they all slump over. It doesn't need to specifically be furniture...just a reasonable way to store them.


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rug idea

what if you got one of those large clothes hampers that are retangle shaped on wheels, put some pvc pipe in there taped together. If you didn't have more than a few rugs and each one was not more than 24" tall rolled up, you might even be able to put the top on it. I use mine for holding big books.


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Rug storage

You could also use one of those large round plastic tubs. I don't know how to describe them except to say sometimes people use them for ice and cans of pop at parties. I have one in my classroom that holds fold-up canvas chairs for my guided reading groups. Two of these would easily hold rugs for each child. Maybe a red one for girls and blue for boys. Just a thought.
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I agree ... get pvc pipe (comes in all widths), they'll cut it for you, they'll even cut a board for you (or find something like a used wood dinner tray (tv tray). ASK the hardware store what is the best type of adhesive (probably something better than hot glue or duct tape) You can easily spray paint PVC pipe too.

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Going for simple and frugal I think I'd simply designate a corner to be the rug stack...

But then again, I am pretty cheap.

Not to be a real pain, but why do you want the kids to roll the rugs? Are they easy enough to roll? I have a small braided rug near my (home) front door and it's thick and hard to roll and never would get small enough for the containers you showed in your links, but I am guessing a dollar store braided rug would be a lot thinner than my rug.

You could store them vertically between two cabinets if they have enough "body" to them that they don't flop over.

The rug holders in your links are all neat but I am wondering if they are necessary.

I guess if you really wanted to make a rug holder to hold rolled up rugs, PVC would be the way to go. Or you could create something out of wood. If you cannot cut nice circles, you could cut straight wood and create a "ladder" for the top with a square hole between the "rungs" for each rug.

I'm rambling...


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Ok- thinking 2liter soda bottles save them, cut off top, place them on top of each other, and use masking tape to hold them all together and decorate? anything that involves PVC scares me!!!


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I don't NEED a rug holder. I just want one. LOL The rugs are very thin and floppy. I chose them specifically because they can be washed in the washing machine. I want them rolled up because I'm secretly pining to be a Montessori teacher.

I LOVE the idea of using plastic bottles! That's the one I'm going to try! Thanks everyone!!


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So I was in World Market yesterday and thought of this post... what about wine boxes?? You could go to your local liquor store and see if they have boxes they are throwing away. Then all you would need is a can of spray paint!


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Go for it. . .

I'm glad you got some great suggestions. I'm sorry that some people thought they needed to talk you out of it. I read your OP to mean that you wanted to know how to make this creation, not that you wanted to know if you should or not. . . I think it's a great idea! I hope you'll post pics when it's finished.