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Calling on ALL creative minds!!!



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I need to come up with a school-wide theme for this year! Something to get our students, but mostly our teachers, motivated!!!!!! My principal gave this to me, and wants a theme/ slogan by Monday's faculty meeting!! Have any ideas??? Last year was tough for our teachers-- new testing, new leadership, loss of family members, etc. So, he wants a new, fresh start to motivate teachers and to encourage our students. It is true, we need passion again!!! Please help!!


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Last year we had a superhero theme. The year before was mountain climbing/ hiking (going to new heights). With Pokemon go being so popular, could you go with that? School name, Go!

I hate things like this, so that is the end of my contributions. <!--eyebrow-->


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Not to be a downer, but passion/motivation doesn't come from a slogan.

I would instead focus on doing something worthwhile, as a school. All coming together to:

*Create a community garden
*Adopt a _______________ (animal, homeless shelter, animal
shelter, etc.)
*Random Acts of Kindness
*Other (brain isn't thinking of any right now)

Or just a general sense of being extra kind to one another, doing good deeds, etc. throughout the whole school. Teachers to students. Students to teachers. Teachers to teachers. Students to students.

Honestly, I hate gimmicks like school wide slogans, etc. I know many of my fellow coworkers do, too. (We've talked about it a lot!).

Anyway, I know that's not what you were looking for, but I do think it's something to consider.

Good luck!


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I know exactly what you mean, but I was given an assignment....and I'm going to do my very best!!!! Wish me luck....hopefully, I can come up with some ideas that will encourage others!!


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I agree that Superheroes would be a fun one to do. If you feel like a Superhero, you can do anything. :D

For Teachers: You can have a some small cut-outs of capes (or just draw a cape on white paper and make a bunch of copies - like 4-6 to a page) - have something like "_____________ was my superhero because ________________" and have it in the teacher's lounge. Teachers can fill one out for another teacher (ex: Jane was my superhero because she loaned me her class set of Superfudge) and hang it up on a designated wall. At the end of each month, the admin pulls them down and randomly chooses one to give a treat to (duty-free lunch, front parking, etc...). Then admin puts them in the teacher's boxes. If that's too much - you can still do them and just put them in someone's box - no need for admin to get involved.


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Good News!!!!

I'm OFF the hook!!! Lol!!!
My principal just emailed. He came up with the motto/ theme on his own (or maybe he saw it somewhere---not sure)!! Yipppeee!!! Drum roll please..... It's gonna be..... We B.A.D!! (We Believe, Achieve, and Dominate)