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Camp Theme

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Hi! I am going to be a first year teacher and I was looking for a theme for my first grade class. I love all of these ideas! Could I possibly get the logo, too? My email is hollyc333@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!


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I don't have a picture of my word wall unfortunately and I've taken it down already for the summer. Bummer... And I don't have a title for it but maybe I should. I'll have to give that some thought :D

On my door I made a big sign out of large poster board - I covered it with contact paper that I got at Wal-mart that looks like wood. Then in big black letters I have "Welcome to Our Cabin". I hot glue fake grass at the bottom and then have some woodsy animals that I add at the bottom. You could also use "Welcome to Mr./Mrs. _________'s (grade level) cabin."

The birthday chart is another one that I am working on this summer. No ideas yet - maybe I'll get some ideas from this site.


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I just read your message about your camping theme. I realize that it is a few years old but was hoping that you still had your camp learn a lot logo?

Thanks so much, your ideas are wonderful!


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You can get some sticks and tie them together at the top and then interweave orange, red and yellow cellophane between to make the flames of a campfire. You can even get some sand and rocks to put around and under it - I've seen it and it's adorable for circle time.


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Birthday Charts

For a birthday chart, what about
Hap-Bee Birthday
with bees and bee hives to decorate

A Frog Birthday Chart
I know there are "Hoppy Birthday" charts.

Have a "Bear-y" Happy Birthday
with bears. I know I have seen a bulletin board set with bears with hats.
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