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Camp Theme

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Logo request

I have been debating using a camping theme for the next year and I really like some of these ideas here- thanks for sharing. Would it be possible for me to also get a copy of the logo you created. I really appreciate it.

ZacMan's Mom

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Keep those ideas coming, PLEASE!

I'd really like to have the logo also! I am a first-year teacher, teaching first grade this fall. My son (who will be in second grade) asked me to do a fishing theme in my room. I can't find much on fishing, but have had some luck with the camping idea. I love everyone's ideas here. I'd really like to get the logo also, if that's possible. My email is tarnold@avant.k12.ok.us

If anyone has any more ideas on room decor, I'd love to have them! I've tried to find a camping or woodsy 'scene-setter' from the party stores, but haven't located one. I will have a small room, and may not have room for a tent, so I'm going to have to be very creative.


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Room Decorations

I too have looked for a scene-setter but have not found one.
This teacher's room has a nice camp look to it that does not involve a tent or take up much space. You could easily fold up the chairs if you needed to use the space for something else.


If you want something fishing related, there is this set that is about character ed.


This site also sells Artic North Woods bulletin board sets. One of the pieces has a campfire. I thought I would put the campfire on the wall behind the chairs.

I am looking for a hiker bulletin board set. Has anyone seen one?

ZacMan's Mom

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Room Decorations - Hiking Theme

I found a hiking theme bulletin board set at www.teacherstorehouse.com. It has a religious theme, but one could 'cut around' the sayings without affecting the characters. You might check it out - they have a lot of different sets.


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Logo Problems!!

For everyone who is waiting for my CAMP LEARNALOT logo...

My computer is out of commission right now (I only have my laptop), so I can't send the logo to everyone yet. As soon as it is working again, I will send it! :) Sorry for the wait!! I will also resend it to the ones that I already sent it to...I don't think any of you got it because that's when the computer started messing up!


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Typing Camp

In all my LONG YEARS of teaching I've never done a theme for the beginning of the year. However, I'm quite intrigued by the camp theme. A few weeks ago I found the following website which describes Mrs. Newingham's Typing Camp for their school's third graders. I think I'm going to pursue that with my third grade team and media specialist. Check this out. It might be a great addition to your camp theme:



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my camping room tour

I've done a camp/hike theme for four years. If you go to the back to school and room tour pages, you can see pictures of things. I have some downloads too. But, beware...we are changing webhosts soon and the site might be down for 24-48 hours in the near future.

Also, this site has a camping set that I bought that can be used for making all sorts of worksheets, decorations, etc. http://countryclipart.com
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