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Can I call myself a teacher???


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Today is my last day of student teaching, which I'm sad about because I love the kids and I"ve passed my state test.. All I need to do is wait for my istutional recommendation letter (I get that next week, but it's going to be post dated for 12/13) and I can go down and get my teaching certificate!!

Wow...It's hard to believe I'm actually done!! I just turned 40 last month and I'm starting a new career after being home with my kids for seven years!! :) I'm soooo excited and nervous at the same time. Now, comes the fun part of trying to find a job!! :o


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Wow....good for you!

I'm hoping you have a great classroom of your own by now! I, too, was a "late starter", and have been teaching now for 13 years. It truly is a great profession....Congratulation on finally getting the "big desk"!!!