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Can I do another one?

Sue W.

Senior Member
"Can I do another one?" Boy, was that music to my ears! I work with remedial first grade readers. If you know what Fontas and Pinnell level A readers are, you have the idea. Today we read a book called "Feet". Then I helped the kids trace around one of their feet on paper and they made a shape book, using the words, "My feet can...", for each page they recopied the sentence starter and chose a word to complete the same sentence. I had hoped that the repeated practice with the high frequency words "my" and "can" might help them sink in. They had four pages to complete, which I figured would be about right for the time and attention span. One of my little guys is an ELL student who has been academically struggling to the point where he is being considered for special education testing, yet he was so proud of this project that he could see was successful that he repeatedly asked, "Can I do another one?" The tears came to my eyes as I added one and then another and another page to his little book. "Can I do more tomorrow?" he asked as our time ran out. Yep, he sure can!
I have never seen him so proud of his work and so excited about continuing. It was one of those moments that makes it all worthwhile!