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Can soda give you zits?


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I know this is kind of a gross (and teenager-ish) question, but I was wondering if Diet Coke has made anyone break out? I still occasionally get blemishes (even though I am getting older!), almost exclusively along my jawline or neck. I know some studies suggest that it has nothing to do w/ food, but I know that if I eat chocolate or potato chips, I will almost certainly get a pimple or two. Naturally, I avoid these foods. But just the last day or so, I found that I have a little break out going on and I can't think of why. I am not overly stressed (no more than usual), I didn't have chocolate or chips, and I am not about to get my period. The only thing I am doing different is drinking Diet Coke. Could that be it?

Has anyone else noticed this from soda?


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My dermatologist said that blemishes around the chin and neck are usually caused by hormones/and or stress. Blemishes on he cheeks and nose are usually caused by a reaction to food, and blemishes on the forehead are usually caused by hair products. I don' know if this is true, but this is what I was told. As I get older, I seem to have most breakouts on my chin and neck. I say it isn't fair to have blemishes and wrinkles at the same time.LOL Give me a break from one or the other.


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I think coke could be the cause. I can drink DP and have no problems but drink a coke or two and break out. Doesn't coke have chocolate in it or something similar? Try diet Dr. Pepper for awhile and get back to us!! LOL