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Canadian province reports


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I am in sixth grade this year, having moved from 4th. I love it! Anyways, I am told that when we get to Canada, a subject we study extensively I hear, we assign the students a province to write a report on. Do you ALL study Canada as well, and if you do, do you have any other more creative ideas for studing the provinces? Please let me know. Thanks


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travel brochure?

you could have the students create a travel brochure on the province of their choice...



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hey, sally...i think most sixth grades don't study Canada--i can't remember at the moment what it is that they do... (i'm sure i'll hear if i'm wrong). here in the Boise School District we study w. hemisphere (latin america and canada)

after we get through mapping skills, culture, mexico, caribbean, central america, and south america....we get to "Cramada"--which usually involves a giant packet of pertinent questions that they work through in groups and then we have a big Canada Quiz Bowl.

i would recommend that whatever you, decide on what objectives (or find them in your curriculum guides or state standards, or wherever) and make sure your assignment covers those--rather than just, hey, kids write a report (focusing on what???), make a poster, or create a travel brochure--for example: they need to know climate, natural resources, industries...

my young sons came home from their school last year with the cutest thing--i saved and want to do...maybe with our south america unit--their sixth grade had made passports and stamps (yours could be stamps made from potatos in the shape of something indicative of that province) and then i think they learned something at each country's station.


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This is my first year teaching sixth grade social studies, too! We also study the Western Hemisphere as well as Canada. We are going to make power points with five to seven important points about each province. We will present them and then have student made quizzes to cover content area. My team mate is doing Canada and its wildlife and tying it into saving the environment etc...
I am doing the opposite of the last writer. I am spending lots of time on Canada --because of its Anglo culture and its close ties to the US. Many of the other countries in the Western Hemispheres were exploited by the Spanish and don't even have strong democracies--We loved studying the Churchill area and the polar bears. National Geographic site has some great info. Hopes this helps.


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I do three projects for our Canada study. The first one deals with the six physical regions. We make a data retrieval chart using the five themes of geography as our headings. Once we have collected info for each cell, we make postcards for each region. The front has a "photo", and the back includes a description of the scene on the front, a message written that clearly states info about the area, an address, and the stamp is an icon of something that is connected to that region. Our second project is an ABC book. Each page has an illustration and a paragraph for that letter. This requires a lot of research, but the books are really neat! I hang them across my back chalkboard. I show everyone's "A" page, then the next day I show everyone's "B" page, etc... Our last project is a newsbroadcast. I pair the students up, and they split up the 3 territiories and 10 provinces and write news articles that would fit the area. No murder and mayhem. I limit them to one story about the weather. Hope this helps.