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Canadian wanting job in US


New Member
Hello, I am Canadian but did my schooling in the US. I have a bachelors degree in elementary education and a masters degree in middle childhood education. I would like to stay and work in the US but need a school system that is willing to sponsor a visa for me to work in the US. I heard that Florida has a shortage of teachers and thought maybe this would be a good route for me, that they might be willing to sponsor someone with a degree. Does anyone know if there are many Canadians who get jobs teaching in Florida? Or know of someone I can contact about this. I work as a college soccer coach right now and could potentiallly bring my coaching experience to a school team as well. I also speak French, probably not the best language in Florida but couldn't hurt I guess. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.



I don't know about FL but NC has a huge shortage. Especially rural areas.
Spanish would be better than french but who knows.