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Can't do holiday parties...


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Do you work in a school that doesn't "do holidays"?

I need a fun winter craft project. Perhaps snowmen is a general enough idea? What do you do?


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couple ideas..

1.Kids' names go in a bowl, and each draw a name. They make a paper plate angel and write a compliment to their 'person'. Writing is: (std name) you are such an angel because you (compliment).
2.On a blue piece of construction paper (long side is top/bottom) measure up about 3-4" on each end. Using white paint and a Qtip they start and stop the horizon line at the measured point, with whatever dips and hills across the page. Then paint a winter picture. When you put all the papers together it makes a horizon across the whole line of pics. Turns out cute. Could add a writing assignment or just be fun.


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How about....

a "Polar Express" party with hot cocoa and cookies and a reading of the book?

a "Nutcracker" party?

reading "the Jacket I Wear in the Snow"?

doing a snowman glyph?

ZacMan's Mom

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What about...

I love the ideas posted above - I'm going to work them into my plans!
Can you do a 'gift' workshop of sorts - just don't necessarily call it gifts? You'd need to be creative in what you 'make', but at the end of the day, the students could 'take home' what was made in their assembly line. This would be a good lesson on working together.

One idea to 'assemble' would be the ink pens with a topper. You've seen the pens at the Dr.'s office with the HUGE flowers attached - you know, so people won't leave with their pens? What about buying winter/holiday picks at your local craft supply store - like snowmen, poinsettias, just anything that would represent the season - but not the holiday. Then with florist tape, let the students 'wrap' the pick and pen together and 'create' something that they can take home and distribute. OR, if your school has a winter carnival, your class could 'sell' their wares. My son's class finger painted very LARGE pictures last year, hung them in the hall like a gallery and 'sold' them to parents. Of course, we all bought them! Them money went to the PTO fund.

You can also take leftover pumpkins that haven't gone bad and spray paint them white. Then, hot glue them into a snowman, largest on bottom. Let the students decorate the faces, etc. It's a great way to re-use fall pumpkins.
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We do the Polar Express. Before hand we make "tickets" and the students color them. When they enter the cafeteria they have to present their ticket and we hole punch it. Besides, we get to wear our pajamas and slippers to work.


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Last year we made a gingerbread community. We used boxes and hot glued grahm crackers onto them. The kids decorated them according to what they were in our made-up community. We brainstormed people in our community as well as business/buildings we needed in our community. We all had a blast. The parents had a lot of fun sending in different candy stuff to decorate with. They got very creative.

We also did the Polar Express. We dressed in our jammies, had tickets, did different activities(do a web search), read the book while enjoying hot cocoa, listened to the soundtrack, and watched the movie. This year we hope to add a trip on a real train!