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Capitals and periods in sentence help



Anyone have a suggestion for how to teach this to my students. They can see that there are capitals and periods missing when we do it as a whole class, but not in their own work. I have some students who are still putting lower case letters at the beginning of sentences and using periods at the end of a line, not a sentence. Suggestions?


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Me too!!!

I would love to hear a solution to this!!!! My class is the same way. They see it on my writing but rarely on their own. I thought about doing peer editing. Has anyone tried that?

Mrs. O

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^____ .

I went to a workshop this past summer that gave a lot of visual clues for grammer. One was to make a posterthat reminded students that sentences begin with a capital letter and usually end with a period.

^_____ .

They also showed us the same symbol made from fun foam for the ^ and the period glued to an adjustable white curtain rod so you could check sentences you or the students write on the board.



I have sentences written up (3-6 every week) which are unedited. I have the students go through and cross out the words that need to be capitalized, etc. If they don't get at least 80% correct, they have to rewrite for homework (this usually helps).


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My students are required to box the capital and circle the end puncuation mark on all sentences they write before turning anything in. If they cant box-n-circle in every sentences they need to get busy and do it! It has helped tremendously!


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Stop and Go

I have used the Stop and Go method in the past. After the student finishes writing, they read their piece out loud to themselves. At every capital, they circle it in green. At every period, they circle it in red and pause. If they are reading and hear themselves pause at the end of a sentence, but there is nothing to circle, they know they need to go back and add it in.

This actually works very well. After a few weeks of doing it on almost all writing, they really have the capitals and periods down.



Suggestion to All of You

Make sure there are 2 spaces, after the period, at the end of a sentence. I know some will say that one space is OK, but try publishing a report or a paper. Without two spaces the attempted publication will be rejected faster they you can type a period.