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Catholic Teachers - Advent Ideas



What kind of activities do you do for Advent? I am looking for new ideas for my third grade class.


mrs. e

advent bible verse calendar

I do not teach in parochial school, but here's an idea! How about having each child in your room color a picture about the nativity story from a coloring book, or downloaded pictures from the internet. Then, stick each one behind a green piece of construction paper and place the construction papers in a pyramid fashion on a bulletin board to look like a Christmas tree. (You know, 6 on the bottom row, 5 above that, etc.) Then, number them by how many days it is until Christmas vacation. Each day, reveal a new picture and let that picture's owner read a bible verse you've placed under the picture and get a special Christmas treat on the day their picture pops up.


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advent idea

The advent calander is a nice idea.

I have the kids color a picture of a nativiry. It gets cut out and glued onto the center of a plate. We then trace our hands on green paper. About 6 or 7 per child. They cut them out and glue them around the plate as a wreath. Then we cut our 4 strips of paper as the advent candles. We light one candle ( with a paper flame) each Monday.

Marie from PA


K teacher

Make a small box into a manger by coloring the sides. Cut lots of yellow, brown and/or orange construction paper into little strips and place beside your "manger" box. Each time a student sees someone else doing something kind or helpful, they put a piece of the construction paper straw into the manger. encourage them to really look for opportunities to line the manger with straw so that it will be comfy and ready for Baby Jesus by the time Christmas comes.