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Central Vacuum Systems


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I'm curious if anyone here has a central vacuum system installed in their home. DH and I have started planning our future home and this is an option...is it worth the money? Thanks in advance for your opinions!


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We have one, and I really like it! You don't have to carry around a heavy vacuum cleaner. Also we rarely have to clean it out. I think it's well worth the money.


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I absolutely love mine and would never live without one again. The next house I build, I want to put in the system that is in the baseboard. You only have to sweep the dirt to the baseboard. I have a friend who has this feature and it is great for easy clean-up.


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love it!

I love the central vac. It has more suction than any ordinary vacuum that I ever used. The hose is non-kink-able (if that's a word) and believe me, I test it often. We happened to have a stairway in the entryway of our house and closed off the underside of it for a closet, where we keep the Bissell shampooer and the hoses/attachments for the central vac.

Once, my husband was trying to find places to cut a few dollars in the new house we were building, and I offered to give up the central vac. He teases me now about that, and though I've forgotten how much it cost, he reminds me it is WELL worth the money. We've loved it for 4 years now.


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Ours is 4 years old and never had a problem. I LLLLLOOOOVVVVVEEE the little door under my garbage drawer that acts like a little dustpan. It is SO handy!