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centres task board

Miss Oz

New Member
I have decided to re-create my centres task board. I have used my same board for a little while now and am looking for a little inspiration in creating a new one. I have been looking on the web for some photos of other teachers task boards but can't find too many - does anyone know of any sites that have some examples?


Centers photos

Did you try www.mspowell.com ?
She has lots of photos of her room through the years - maybe you can find some ideas there. Her site is wonderful.

Also try www.mandygregory.com .
She has a page on centers, not sure about photos, but something might spark for you.


about task boards

have you tried finding a company that designs and develops visual resources? A new company I have heard about is called Infinite Resources and there webpage is www.infiniteresources.ca they are in the process of designing their webpage but it may be worth your time to contact them.