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Challenging Colleague

Co-Worker Issue 


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I just need to complain for a moment. I work with a colleague who minorly annoys me. It's not worth getting too upset but it's irritating enough that people have asked to switch teams (loosely clustered groups of teachers) in order to avoid her.
Her room is next door to mine and there are minor ways that things she does impacts me. She is consistently late letting her kids out (but will insist that she lets them out on time) so her students block my door as they line up and wait for her or are late for other teachers' classes. She has a consistently unhappy/offputting demeanor; it's hard for the kids to be around a teacher who seems depressed and unhappy all the time and as a result they find her class unpleasant. Since she often snaps at them, they'll come into my class crabby and unsettled. She teaches language arts; there is really not enough time in our schedule to teach all the material she needs to, which we hear about frequently. She also takes a super long time to grade papers and input grades. This means that she isn't communicating with parents/kids how they're doing in her class. We're also supposed to put in conduct/effort grades. Since she does not put those in, she ends up just giving the kids high grades in those areas even if she's spent all quarter complaining about the behavior and lack of work completion. Today, we were in the hallway and I mentioned it was the day during homeroom to have students check their grades. She announced that she was just going to jump into teaching LA because she hadn't updated her grades. I said that was okay but they should check their grades anyway because other teachers might have and they should see how they're doing in all their classes, not just hers. I was saying it in a non-judgemental way but this isn't elementary school so we share kids and what she does impacts other teachers. I even brought up the fact that a parent had contacted me about a grade from six weeks ago; unfortunately the time for redoing that assignment had passed. The look on her face was like she'd eaten a lemon. She just announced, "I'm not going to have the kdsi do it. I'm just going to start teaching."
Okay I feel better for venting. :)


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You're a better person than I am. I would be majorly irked by some of that stuff, especially the grading stuff. If I had a colleague who complained and then gave kids grades that didn't reflect their efforts and/or didn't grade in a timely manner I'd be pretty HOT only because then parents would complain that they got A's for conduct, etc in Mrs. X's class so why not in my room?

And obviously it's more than minor since people don't want to work with her or next to her.