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Chapel for 2nd grade


Senior Member
My 2nd graders are scheduled to give a chapel presentation in a few weeks. I have looked locally and I am having great difficulty finding a good, yet easy to learn skit/presentation that would last about 20 minutes.
Does anyone have any great ideas, or do you know where I can find some?

Mrs. O

Senior Member
Black Light Chapel

I do a Black Light Chapel every year with my class. The only problem may be finding or buying the black lights, but maybe you could get a parent or two to donate some to your class. The children will dress in all black and use florecent (sp?) posters as props. I use fast paced contemporary songs and the children will hold up the props during the songs. I have a "band section" where I made muscial instruments for kids to hold and move during the songs. I think one of the songs I use is JESUS by Carmen and the Other is Waves of Mercy. Any fast paced songs will work.

I am going to do a 50's themed chapel in April. I bought a tape called "Hallelujah Hop" (Remakes of 50's songs with Christian lyrics) at a Christian bookstore. The kids are going to dress in 50's style clothes and do dances to the songs. I am thinking about do a short skit about "building your house on the Rock"

Have fun!