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Chapter Books Reading Comprehension Sheets


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I just started my high first grader readers with a chapter book. The problem is that I would like to give them a comprehension sheet to go with each chapter as they are reading. But it takes a lot of work for me to create them, do a culminating activity and an assessment for each chapter book I have. I was wondering if anyone had any already made? Will you be willing to post them? Would you like to share more of them? Any one interested in creating one for a chapter book you have and posting it? That way we only have to create one and we can share the others.

Attached you will find the comprehension chapter sheets I created for Halloween-Fraidy Cat. I also plan to come up with a culminating activity and an assessment. I will post that as soon as I finish.
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There are several ways to simplify

doing a comprehension check. The kids can complete a "thinkmark." They choose a place in the chapter to share with the group. They mark it with a thinkmark bookmark, read the portion to the group and tell why they chose it. This takes modeling by you first (model marking a confusing spot, a funny part, the "heart" of the chapter, a place that's fun to read with expression, etc.). Another option is to have them fold a blank piece of paper in fourths and label the four parts with characters, setting, summary and words (a place to collect interesting or unfamiliar words from the text). You can change the four labels to fit your current focus (i.e. write a connection, question/wondering, important details). You can have the kids write 2 questions to ask the rest of the group (model the difference between right there questions and more thoughtful "thick" questions). The kids can come up with a new name for the chapter and tell why it makes sense to call the chapter by that title. There are many ways to hold the kids accountable and encourage thoughtful reading other than written comprehension questions. Good luck and have fun. Coming up with comprehension questions for every chapter gets old for you and the kids.


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I know this isn't what you're looking for, but this is what I use just to have the kids stop and write a sentence or two about what they have read after each chapter.
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