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character education that works

Classroom Management 


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I teach in an urban charter school in Flint Michigan. I really need to find a program that works for character education. Our kids are mean to each other. They tell you the right thing to do and go back to the wrong thing every time. This is true in students from k-6. Any suggestions will work.


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Character education

I strongly recommend Tiffany Shlain’s website. Google “let it ripple”. Several years ago, She produced a very very short video on character education. It went viral and she now has a yearly program revolving around that video.

The website has a lot of info and activities for teachers.

The best thing I did was to copy all her character traits and put them on one of those science fair boards. It was a reproduction of her chart. We talked around this chart all year.

Seriously, it could make a huge difference.