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character education that works

Classroom Management 


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I teach in an urban charter school in Flint Michigan. I really need to find a program that works for character education. Our kids are mean to each other. They tell you the right thing to do and go back to the wrong thing every time. This is true in students from k-6. Any suggestions will work.


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Model, Practice, Notice, Reinforce

Developing good character may not come naturally to some because what some kiddos may not realize the intrinsic value.

I start with a read aloud. Each Kindess by Jacqueline Woodson, Mr. Peabody's Apples by Madonna, The Empty Pot by Demi are some that come to mind. There is also an open ended book, What should Danny Do? (the power to choose series)

Some time to discuss (morning meeting or closing meeting). Practice the skill.

Reinforcers could be verbal recognition of the deed, Dojo points, note home, stickers, or whatever else fits in with your classroom economy.

Vary the reinforcers to help kids transition from tangible rewards.


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I have tried all of those methods and done all of those things. The kids are just not practicing the skills. They understand what it looks like to be kind and they understand and can recognize kind things. They just can not perform the action. I need to find something that will change their behaviors.