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Cheap zipper pencil pouches for STARS Binder


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Okay, I am going to try the STARS Binder this year for the first time. The only problem I am finding is the zipper pouches for lunch money, field trip money, etc. I have found them at Wal-mart for $1.00 but I am not sure I want to spend that much when I have purchased binders, folders, etc. already.

Any suggestions would be great! I have about 50 students!


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Pencil Pouches

Two years ago Rite-Aid had pencil pouches in their ad for 25 cents. I looked all over the city for a week and barely found enough for my class. I never found them again after that.

This year I bought the vinyl ones at walmart for 58 cents. I had them last year and the handle to the zipper part fell off of some of them but they were still able to zip them.

Another idea people had was to get ziploc bags, reinforce them with duct tape and then poke holes in them (where the duct tape is) to put them in the binder. Someone else suggested using a manilla folder.

Hope this helps!


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Let me know!

I am looking for the same deal. I dont want to spend anymore money on these binders. I had to get everying myself too. This is my first year using the WILDCAT binders. Just curious as to how you set yours up? I am still putting mine together. We dont start school here in texas untill aug 25. I will let you know what i find!


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Thanks a bunch

I will check out the website and other ideas. It is so frustrating when we have to purchase stuff using our own money!

I have never done the binder before! I am still trying to figure what I am going to have. I know I am going to have a folder to hold homework/and leave at home papers. I have a clear sleeve for the monthly calender. I have papers in the back for parents to communicate, etc., the zipper pouch was to hold money. It is still a work in progress. I got the idea from this website.


Thanks a bunch for all of your ideas!


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some ideas...

What about a gold envelope in the 1/2 size. We can get those free at school. You could hole punch those, put them in the pocket, or even put them in the front or back sleve (if you have view binders).

We have folders that have the clear front pockets that our principal buys and we put the money envelope right in there for safe keeping. That's why I'm thinking the pockets in the binder could work or even inside a clear sheet protector.


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sheet protector

I was thinking about cre8tive_tchr's suggestion of using a clear sheet protector. I've seen them for 20 or 25 for $1. What about cutting them above the second notebook hole. Not a straight across cut, make the back side taller than the front side, so you'll have a flap in the back that will fold over the opening and attach in the front. You could use a velcro dot or double stick tape to help keep the flap down. If you made them now and folded the flap down (putting it under a heavy book or weight) it might create a crease that would stay by the time school starts. Haven't tried this...just thinking...


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I am actually going to put one of everyone's idea together and see which one I like best and is the most durable!

FYI: I love being able to get other ideas from teachers. It always gives me those "duh" moments of "why didn't I think of that" and "many heads are definately better than one!"

Thanks everyone!


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zipper pouches

I could not find these either. Walmart around here does not have them for .68, but I found them yesterday at Big Lots for .88. I had a coupon so they came to .70 each.
Good luck!


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I found them at Target in the past for 50 cents. Target usually puts those on sale just before school starts.


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$1.00 Zipper Pouches

The first year I put together my F.R.O.G. Folders I bought the $1.00 fabric zipper pouches at Wal-Mart. I had trouble shelling out that much money...but I went ahead and did it. It was a great investment! This is my 3rd year to use them and I haven't had to replace any of them b/c they have held up so well! I would recommend just to go ahead and buy those because you will save more money in the long run by not having to replace them every year. But that's JMO! ;)


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Thanks for the Help!

I have just returned from a "shop for money pouches for my STAR notebooks", where I did not buy any because they were so expenxive (and cheaply made). I just thank you all so much for your input. I ordered the ones that was suggested by mmw .The total came to $17.00 with shipping. They are just what I was looking for. I really like the clear ones so you can see inside. I always have 1 or 2 students who forget to give me their money.


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Last year I bought the pouches at Walmart and most of them broke so I won't be able to use them again. I saw them at Family Dollar for $1 and they are fabric. I thought that was too much but after reading this post I think they will be a good investment because I will get to reuse them most likely the next year.