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Cheaper by the Dozen



Does anyone have any lesson plans for this novel? I can't find anything!!! This is a really neat book. Please help if you can. Thanks!!

Nina Koelpin

Cheaper By The Dozen Newspaper

I teach this novel and have two activities that have worked well. We make a chart for each of the older children and the parents. We add to the charts as we go along. A pair of students is responsible for each chart. Quotes, character traits, responses go on the chart. At the end we use the chart to answer essay questions such as: which sibling would you want for your sibling? would you like to have a father/mother like the parents in the book?

The second activity is a newspaper that the students construct with articles pertaining to the book and other events that happened during the time period from 1910-1925. World news, advice columns, classified ads (selling the house for example) are all part of the paper.