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check this out



I was recently forwarded www.tardblog.com

As a special ed. teacher, I have mixed feelings about the content of this site. Our jobs can be hard, as we are dealing with more challenges than a typical classroom and there are times we need to vent about it. Some of their experiences are hilarious. At the same time, some of the things they wrote and the way they write are belittling and cruel. What do you think?

(It also inspires me to start a blog of my own.)


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I tried

but this site was discontinued. Good thing, since just the name put a knot in my stomach.



I think this is the site you're thinking of. I personally think this is too funny. I really don't think the teachers involved mean any harm by anything they say. They just need to get it out.


whether they mean harm or not it is harmful

I was personally offended...and didn't find it a bit funny...there are already too many sterio types about special needs children as it is without a teacher adding to it...while you may think it is innocent fun what happens when other children or bullies read that and use it as fuel for their own purposes of torment to special needs children?


sounds like a typical day

I only read a few pages but it sounds like a typical day at our school. We talk like that as soon as the kids leave. If you are shocked you have never had the cops bring you a 7 year old in handsuffs and drop him off so you can teach him. YOu have never heard the sound of cops using a tazer to fend off a 15 year old 300 pound high school girl. You have never had the word "####" somehow, inexplicably, bitten into your flesh. And believe me, they don't get this way with loving supportive parents.
I would never stick my tongue out at a kid, but I am a 34 year old female not a 24 year old male. Plus, the guy retired so.. give him credit for getting out.
But in all fairness I only read a few pages.


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I could understand blogging about our day at school but the site mentioned has some offensive ways of doing so. I read 3 stories and I feel that the language used to express their day was a bit offensive. One can make a point withour using the "F" word. Our day are often stressful, but that is what we signed up for (it is not called Special Education for nothing). I could only imagine how these people talk about their students in the public, it is frieghtening. I will not be going back to that site.


offended beyond belief

Even though, like Dee, the web address alone made me sick, I decided to read some of it anyway. It was the most offensive thing I have ever read. I cannot believe that someone would go all through school to become a teacher, & yet hate kids that much! I don't care what she might say, calling children "tards" & saying some of the things she said, proves she has no respect for them. If I was a principal, & saw that a teacher of mine had a site like this, even if I had only seen the name of the site, she would be fired. I don't care what kind of red tape I have to go through, there is no way I would let my students be instructed and affected by someone like this. I am so astounded I cannot even think straight. I suddenly want to recruit everyone I know to become a teacher just so they can take the jobs away from people like this.