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child passes out



Hi all,

The other night I was cooking dinner and my two sons (3 and 4) were playing in the family room which is very normal in the household. My DH is sleeping because he works the night shift. So the routine is when Mommy is cooking dinner you play Legos in the family room. This usually works out great. Well, they were playing kind of rough when I heard the 3 yo grunt loud. I yelled from the kitchen,"knock it off guys!" I was in the middle of stirring rice. And they are always doing little things to irk each other. A few seconds passed and my 3 yo comes into the kitchen and from behind me I hear THUD. I look behind me and he is crying---then he PASSED OUT on the floor! I picked him up and yelled for him to wake up and shook him a little and his eyes rolled back in his head and he went limp ( I was soooo close to dialing 911) but he came around and he started crying saying that his brother(4) kicked him in the throat. I finally got the info out of my 4 yo --he said they were playing a game and he put his foot out and the 3 yo ran into his leg at neck level. My 3 yo said several times that his "neck hurt" so I called the urgent care in our area. I told the nurse the whole story. She said to bring him in and have him checked. So I woke up DH and told him the story and I left for urgent care with my son. Well, turns out that he got the wind knocked out of him and a certain nerve was struck and he got dizzy and passed out from it. Talk about scary. He is perfectly fine though, thank God. Needless to say, I had a HUGE talk with the boys about rough-housing. My 4 yo felt awful and he was crying almost all night about "hurting his brother." That was the scariest ordeal I have ever encountered at home.


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Sounds very scary. So glad your boy is alright. I bet this whole ordeal taught your boys a lesson (the hard way!).


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its true

Something similar happened to my son at about age 5 when his much larger friend landed on him during play. He got the wind knocked out of him and passed out. He's 29 now, so it does work out okay, but it sure was scary at the time. The friend felt awful - he went on to be a football star in high school on the D line and used his size to advantage there ;)


that happened to my daughter too..

she was 15, and we were in a restaurant when she got choked on her soda (her cousin made her laugh at the wrong time!). She passed out and had a little seizure. We had to call an ambulance, and they checked her out there. Then I took her to the doctor, who said the same thing yours did--it was a certain nerve that kind of got "cut off." She's been fine since then and it hasn't happened again.


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I used to...

cry so hard when I was little that I would pass out as I reached my mom, usually. Sometimes I went face first down! It was never found to be anything serious, but it had to do with me crying so hard I couldn't suck in the air. I'm still a big cry baby, but I know how to control it better!!