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Childhood Development Major needs help



I am a college student in Alabama (Gadsden). In my Childhood Development classes I have to make Lesson Plan files (I have to have approx. 45 lesson plans with activities) also I have to make a bulletin board. The lesson plans have to be related to a child's health, safety, and nutrition. I was wondering if anyone could help give me some ideas or tips for any of these projects. Thanks!!



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I'm assuming this is for young children, since it's childhood development. However, can you be more specific? I'm sure people here have lots of ideas, but we need more details about what you're looking for.


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Hi LauraLou! I am just 30 min. from you in Albertville! :) These are just off the top of my head, but perhaps they will work for what you need. I also am assuming that you mean preschool age.

Movement to music - you could develop plans that help children with motor skills, coordination, and to help them understnad the importance of physical activity by having them move to music.

Nutrition - Discuss healthy vs. unhealthy food choices. Have them sort foods into those two catagories.

Discuss the food groups and have them sort foods into those groups.

Have children choose foods that would make up a healthy meal plan.

Handwashing - invite a nurse from your local the Gadsden Nursing Program to come and give a demonsttration on the importance of handwashing.

Bulletin Board Idea - Germs - I can't think of any titles, but I know that there are cute age appropriate books on germs and ways to control them. Find a title, read it, and make a BB using real photographs of your children helping to control their germs. Ex: Take a pic of a child washing his/her hands. (I will wash my hands.) Take a pic of a child using a tissue to blow. (I will use a tissue.) Pic. of somone covering mouth when they cough. ( I will cover my mouth when I cough.)

You could extend lesson above by model/choral reading the sentences together. Many will pick up on the words I and will becasue of the repetition. Some may even be able to read some of the other words such as tissue using the pic clue.

Extend above lesson even further by looking at sentences. (depending on age) Circle the capital or big letter. Put a box around the period. Count the words in the sentences.

Invite a dental hygenist in to demonstrate how to brush teeth. Give everyone a toothbrush.

If you can get a stranger safety video show it. Discuss strangers. Role play activity.

Invite the Gadsden fire department in for a demonstration of Stop, drop, and roll. Let children make a dalmation puppet. Also send children home to find out what their family fire plan is.

I hope these are helpful to you. If I think of any others I will post them.
Bamateach :)