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Children going crazy when a visitor walks in the room



My students will act fine until the minute a visitor walks into the room. It can be the custodian, a parent, or worst of all the principal. Then, the kids start to act like they have never been to school before. They want to jump up and hug the visitor, scream out at them, and sometimes they just start acting plain silly. I have gone over and over what they should do if a visitor walks into the room. But, it isn't working. I am so afraid of what my principal must think. It seems like she always walks in at the worst time.

Does anyone have any ideas or some moral support?



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Very typical kindergarten behavior but they need to practice proper behavior, not just be told about it. I suggest finding someone who will act as the visitor so you can prep them immediately before they walk in and then if they don't behave properly, have the visitor go back out and come in again. Praise and reward all those who follow your directions. I do think you should allow them to do some acknowledgement of the visitor, mine were allowed to wave vigorously for a few seconds LOL

Good luck! Kindergartners are both incredibly responsive and incredibly challenging ;)



Thanks for the advice. How do you guys find the time to constantly role play and rehearse rules? I have so many academic expectations that I am expected to fullfill. I am so overwelmed!


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Check out Teacher Tipster!!! This guy is great, he has tons of videos on You Tube but specifically one for this problem!! It's called "The Secret Guest Game". I have done this with my kids and it WORKS!!! Have fun :)


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This may be cheating but...

My class collects smileys and frownies throughout the day. When we have more smileys at the end I add that many minutes to free center time, and frownies work in the opposite way. When we get a compliment from another grown up (teacher, principal etc....) it is worth double smileys. So far this has worked well. Good luck!