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Children's Music


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I'd like to increase my classroom music collection and would like to get some ideas what music your "kids" like - it could be music to learn by, music to sing, anything! I have: 10 Carrot Diamond (Charlotte Diamond), Schoolhouse Rock (Science & Language - ?), John Lithgow, Big Fun by Greg & Steve. I'd also like ideas of music older kids might like (might be teaching a different grade next year), and just wondering what your favorites are - and why!



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a couple titles

My students really enjoy the album from Shrek I. It's the one that has "Now I'm a Believer." They also like the CRAZY FROG album, which is all synthesized sounds. TEACHING PEACE by Red Grammer has good, character building songs. Of the three, CRAZY FROG might be the best bet for older students, but third graders are my oldest.


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My Favorites

My favorite classical pieces to use that the students also enjoy are
The Grand Canyon Suite (I'm thinking of playing it this year with a Powerpoint presentation to match the scenes in the music)
Aaron Copeland music
In the Hall of the Mountain King provides great background music for stories.

A fun silly song is Shari Lewis's The Song that Never Ends.

I was also wondering if there might be teachers reading my reply that the following might be helpful to:
If you have access to a keyboard, a couple of easy ways to create songs are
1. use only the black keys.
2. use only the white keys starting with middle C. For a more elaborate song, start with C, start with F for the next part, start with G for the third part, and end by starting and ending on middle C. (To find middle C, locate the two black keys. It is right below them. F is right below the three black keys. G is just above F).
If your keyboard has autochording, the chords, C, F, and G or probably G7, and then C will work with the above arrangement. These chords will not work with black key songs.