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Chocolate Theme Unit



Hi! I am wanting to do a unit on Chocolate this week and was wondering if anyone had some ideas or activities to do with this! Thank you!


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Graph M & M's

Give the kids a handful of M & M's, and have them put them on graph paper according to color, then replace the M & M by coloring the graph paper the same color and eat the M & M's. Have them write a title and label the graph.


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for science

you can allow them to test the taste of all the different types of chocolates. (small tastes) and allow them to predict the favorites and discuss which is best for cooking and just eating, I even use the bitter sweet and the cooking choc. then ask the kids what cooks have to do to make those taste like the others.
then at the end we cook something with chocolate, we have a teachers cookbook made every other year and we use that to pull recipes from.
they love it and are amazed some choc. doesnt "taste good" at first :)


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Just finished a chocolate unit

I just finished a unit on Chocolate. Some of the things that I did were:

Language Arts- Did a Novel Study on "Chocolate Fever" and "Chocolate Touch". I also read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to the students.

Math-Graphed M&M's on different tupes of graphs, used them for addition and subtraction and used Chocolate bars for fractions.

Health-Did a unit on nutrition and why too much chocolate is bad for you.

Science-Studied the Cacao plant and where and how it grows. It was a fun plant unit! We also learned about Venn diagrams and compared a chocolate bar to a sucker.

Art- Students designed their own chocolate bar wrapper. We also saved all our mini chocolate bar wrappers from Halloween and made great chocolate wrapper place mats for their desks.

We did MANY other activites! I finished the unit with the kids making chocolates of their own. All the students brought M&M's, Marshmellows. carmels, sprinkles, etc and we made tons of great chocolate. THEY LOVED IT! (The recipe I have only has 3 ingredients, icing sugar, cocoa and margarine) and the chocolate gets hard enough to roll. Works great!

I also had the students type up chocolate recipes that I made into a recipe book. We printed off for the parents for Christmas.

It was a great unit.....funny how there are no discipline problems when you are learning about chocolate!


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Chocolate lover

There's also a cute book called Chocolatina (can't remember the author) that would be good with your unit.