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Choose Your Attitude!


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It's me again, the teacher on wheels.
I just finished getting ready for next week's classes and I can't help but think about the challenges that lie ahead.
Things are going pretty well so far now that I've begun implimenting REAL consequences in the classroom: each act of misbehavior translates to one minute of recess owed to the classroom teacher. Most teachers are on-board with the new program. They see it as a logical consequence. I'm having trouble with a few of them though. They don't follow up by keeping the students in for recess, they tell me how I should be teaching and even ask me to make copies for them! Interestingly, their classes seem to be the least well-behaved and need the consequences the most.
It's funny how much harder it is to work with adults than it is to work with children sometimes :P
Anyhow, It's times like these that I remember the sign posted in the copy room at school. It says, "Choose Your Attitude." So true!


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You may need to come up with consequences that you enforce, not the classroom teacher. I have never had a special teacher expect me to enforce their rules. Some things that I have seen specials do - remove the student from the activity, assign sentences to the child, behavior report to parents, etc.. Don't get me wrong I support my specials in their discpline. I also let my class know from the beginning that if they are complimented by a special teacher they will be rewarded. You stated that you are a new teacher so I am sure that you don't realize how full the classroom teacher's plate is. (I know yours is as well - just offering another - friendly - point of view) Elementary school teachers are responsible for teaching Reading, language Arts, Science, Social studies, spelling, math, phonics, small group instruction, etc.... We must plan meaningful lessons for each of these subjects and prepare materials for them as well, we must deal with our own discipline problems, deal with referrals, paperwork, reports, grading papers, reports cards, SAT test preparation, DIBELS, Progress monitor, etc..... I guess what I am saying is that if a teacher does not enforce your rules it is probably because she is too busy. Also, with these "problem classes" that you have be thankful that you are only there for 30 minutes every other week. The classroom teacher has them every day from 8-3. Good luck in your situation. I know that rolling teacher has its own special challenges.