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Chpt. 2 by Monday?


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Everyone ready to read and respond to CHapter by Monday? I think the posts and discussion on Chapter 1 were great considering the real meat of the book hasn't even begun yet.

I also went back to the original thread to see who all had shown interest in joining and then checked with who posted about chapter 1. It seems we have found a few new friends - Welcome! and we have lost 3 friends. I am going to send them each a personal message to see if they are still interested. Sometimes I forget about threads I was interested in and maybe that is the case with them.

I just read chapter 2 and can't wait to move on. I'm so excited to start!!
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Chapter 2

Sounds great Tylana! I just told my students that we will be adding new stations to our rotation time. They can't wait! I'm hoping that this will go as smoothly as it is explained in the book. I would love to add 2 new stations each month!!:D


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Sounds great

I got so into it online that I decided to order it. I have to have it. I think this is a good one! I'll read Ch 2 soon.


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I want to start now

I really want to start now, but since I don't have stations already, I think I should wait until I am done reading the whole book so I get everything right. I am afraid that I won't implement things correctly and then I will need to reteach. I am going to start doing some different activities with the children that will get them ready for the stations though. For example, I am implementing Buddy Reading now. I figure this will lend itself well into the stations once we get there.

I also am thinking about ordering the book. I downloaded the files, but not being able to print them is a real bummer. I can't highlight and write in the amrgins that way.


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I had thought about waiting to start work stations until after Christmas. I figured I'd get most of the book read by then and could really plan for them. However, knowing what little I do know from reading Ch. 1 and part of Ch. 2, I'm going to begin. My reading basal (Trophies) really lends itself to workstations. I'm planning on adapting some of the activities provided in my manual and adding some others. I'll try to add work stations related to the other content areas as I go. So far, it's taken the better part of the week for me to gather the materials, but they'll all pretty much be usable from now on. My plan is to start simple and add to them/modify as we go. Wish me luck!