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christmas door decoration



door dec

I bought a jumbo stocking from the dollar store and used some squeeze paint to write "Miss P.'s Little Helpers" across the top. Then I made little elves out of foam, glued them down the front and used mailing labels to put my students names under each elf. I hang it on my door each year. I just take off the labels and change my students names. I've gotten tons of compliments on it.


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Old Fashioned Toy Store Door

Make the door look like a door....For my son's second grade Christmas play I made a toy store door from butcher paper and contruction paper. The door was brown and the top resembled four panes of glass. I frosted the panes with drifted snow and a light touch of glitter. Added a construction paper green wreath and tied a tissue paper bow to hand on the bottom part of the door. Then, covered some cardboard with construction paper to create a propietor's shingle saying "Toy Shop" and hung it across the windows.

It was so cute. After the play I hung it next to my Christmas tree and flanked my three foot wooden soldiers on either side.