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christmas gifts for grandkids



Ok I need advice on this. What do you think is an appropriate amount to give on a gift card for 3 step grandkids and one grandkid that live in another state. I haven't had much of a relationship with them since they live so far away. I really am at a lose as to the amount and have decided to go the gift card route. suggestions please:) thanks


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My grandparents have always given $25. That's for 10 grandchildren. I would say that or slightly more ($30?) would be enough.

I hope you plan to give the same amount for all grandchildren whether they are step or bio. The reason I say this is because my stepgrandmother always gave me less than her "real" grandchildren. Talk about feeling like crap as a child...


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I think mine give $50. each (or a gift around that amount). However, they have a close relationship with my kids.

I think $25. or $30., like the other poster said is a good idea. Add a personal note to each one to make them special. :)

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My thoughts

My grandparents always gave a movie (VHS and then DVD when they came out). It was always a family gift, they had 13 grandchildren. So they did not spend on each individual child. So my brother and I always were given a movie as a joint gift.

Gift cards are a great idea because they are easy to send. No more than $25. But depending on the store, you don't even have to give that much. We have kids on our side that are between 9-12 years old. There's three of them. My husband and I send $20 Best Buy gift cards so they can go pick out a movie or put the $ towards something else. So much concern is put on the amount of the gift. They are your grandchildren, but remember, give what is comfortable for you. Everyone has different views on how much you can spend. What amount were you thinking before you posted? Just curious?


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One grandmother used to buy for all the grandkids. As she got older and driving was an issue, she started giving $10 to each one in a card. The other grandmother gave $20 or a gift card to each one. My stepgreat grandmother (all grandkids were steps) gave each gt grandchild $5 in a card.

Now, that we're all adults, most with kids of our own, we ask my grandmothers (both in their 90s) not to give money to any of us but to use it on herself. Doesn't matter cause they still give money to all the kids, grandkids, and gt grandkids...which quickly adds up with so many of us. So that it's not taking money away that they may need the following month (on limited incomes), my cousins and I all buy them gift cards for grocery stores, pay a utility bill etc for them the following month.


My grandmothers also used to buy personal gifts for all the grandkids until they got older. I remember them buying me dolls, books, movies, ect. But if you don't see you're grandkids often $$ is a good option. When my grandmothers got older they gave money. The amount depends on your budget and the number of grandkids you have. My maternal grandma only had 3 grandkids, so my cousins and I always got $50 for birthdays and Christmas. My paternal grandma had 7 biograndkids and 1 stepgranddaughter(my stepsister) and now has 5 great-grandkids and gives all grandkids and great's $35 at Christmas and birthdays. But my paternal grandma is pretty well off and can afford to spend that.

I would also emphasize to give the same amount whether step or bio. Thats one thing I really liked about my paternal grandma. She always gave my stepsister the same amount. However, my stepgrandmother always gave me less. Maybe she did that cause she didn't see me often and I didn't live with my dad & stepmom(her daughter). Still it hurt terribly and made me feel like I wasn't part of the family, while my stepsister was cause my dad's relatives always treated her as one of their own.