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Christmas gifts for guys


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Every year I struggle with what to get my husband for Christmas. We've been married for 4 years. He's a very practical guy, and he usually just gets something if he wants it (within reason). What are you getting your husband/signifcant other?


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I'm getting my husband a really nice pair of binoculars. He loves going to all sporting events, so I know they will come in handy.

If he doesn't have an iPod, you could get him one of those. My husband and I recently bought one for each of us, and we love them! We have well over 500 songs loaded into them, and we always take them to the gym whenever we go to workout. You can also play it through your car's sound system...so no more swapping out CDs!


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My fiancee also wants a nano-I-pod. He'd kill for Bears' tickets, too. In the past, I got him a magazine subscription, a watch, cufflinks, and movie sets, like all three Godfathers, or an entire season of the Sopranos.


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Gifts for Hubby

This year I'm toying around with the idea of a digital camera. Last year I gave hubby a ring. I hid it in a big box of underwear, socks, and handkerchiefs. The poor guy didn't know what to think until he got to the bottom of the box. :)