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Christmas gifts for parents



I am looking for quick and easy crafts for the students to make for their parents as a Christmas gift. I welcome any ideas.

PS I do have access to a digital camera and printer.


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I bought blue ornaments (12 for $1.88 at Walmart,) white paint, tissue paper, and brown paper lunch sacks. The kids will dip their thumbs in the paint and make three spots for a snowman. After they dry we will touch up with eyes and a carrot nose with markers. The kids will wrap them in tissue paper, and then into the lunch sack which they have already decorated. Total cost for 22 students is about $7.


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Christmas Gift

I have my second graders make Funky Frames. I use a wallet size picture of each child (use school picture, digital camera). I purchase acrylic clear picture frames(at the Dollar Store). I have the students collect little items that tell about themselves. For example; crayons, micro cars, barretts, cool easers, stickers, small individually wrap candy (smartie packet work great), etc. The kids using tacky glue arrange the items around the outside of the frame. Let dry and them stick the photo in the middle. This makes a great inexpensive gift. Jonesy


JoAnn's Fabrics

Do you have a JoAnn's Fabrics near you? I found tubs of 36 foam ornament pieces for less than 5 dollars. My students glued them together and they looked really good. I know you can order these from Oriental Trader but you have to pay postage and the wait time would be a problem.
Someone posted earlier that they took old CDs and glued the kids pictures in the middle and made it into an ornament. I thought that sounded like it would be cheap, quick and easy to do.


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christmas cds

I did this one year and they turned out great-I took the cds from K-mart-you know, the free ones from AOL-then wetook a small piece of foam, cut it with those crazy edge scissors, and then glued it into the middle of the cd to cover the hole-then the kids glued their pictures in the middle. We decorated with colored glue-and thats it- the parents loved them-oh, and I had my husband drill 2 holes so that they could be hung up on the tree- really cute


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Class Cookbook

My class is putting together a class cookbook that is turning out so cute! The kids are writing (in recipe format) their favorite recipe that mom or dad makes for them. I told them to just think about what it in it and how to make it - it doesn't have to be exact.

I have kids baking brownies at 40 degrees and making spaghetti with 241 noodles. It is really funny! They will illustrate their recipe, decorate the pages, and design their cover. Then I will compile them all into individual books for each kid to take home as a gift.

I'm also interviewing kids with different food questions so I can throw random quotes into the book. Like, What is the one food mom or dad makes that you will never eat? or What food could you eat everyday of your like?

My kids are having a lot of fun!


snowmen ornaments


I've bought my blue ornaments and can't wait to start on Monday. Our last day is Thursday so we should have enough time. Barring any other snow days before Christmas.



I like the way you do your cookbook. I also do a cookbook with my class. They actually bring in a favorite family recipe to share. We include any recipes that we have made in class; and one that they wrote on their own titled "How to Cook a Turkey!"

These were a hit last year and I am sure that they will be again this year.