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Christmas Gifts for Parents


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I think there already may have been a post for this, but I can't find it, so I need your help. Please direct me to the post (I have already tried the archives) or please suggest gifts the kids can make for their parents. I would rather not paint, or do as little painting as possible, but I would like them to make their parent(s) a special gift. Thanks for your help!



Try anything from Oriental Trading...a little glue and the kids are done, and they are cute and quick and not so expensive.
Anything with a picture is cute too!


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This is what I did last year and my kids loved it. I bought the clear glass ornaments and various colors of paint. I wrote the student's names and the year on the ornament with a paint pen. I then removed the part of the ornament that you put the hook on and let each child choose two colors of paint. They poured the paint in the ornament and turned the ornament around and around and upside down until the paint covered the entire ornament on the inside. I then turned it upside down in a Styrofoam cup for several days. This allowed extra paint to run out and the paint to dry. I then replaced the hanger part of the ornament, wrapped it in tissue paper, and placed it in a small Christmas gift bag. It was easy and they turned out great! I hope this makes sense!


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If you the the idea above (which is cute) remember to buy extras because one year we broke 3 of them.. they are glass. I would also bring in tissue paper to wrap them in.