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Christmas Gifts made by students


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I need some ideas of what I can have my students make for their parents for Christmas. Any suggestions? Thanks


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Ornament balls

I buy some of the clear glass ornaments every year, along with some glittery paint from the craft store. The students choose 2 colors that they would like to mix, you pour 2 lines of each color into the top of the glass ornament, put a paper towel over the hole, and then shake it really well. Sometimes you need a little (I stress little) water dripped into the ball to get the paint to swish around more. The end results are beautiful. I either have them write their name on it, or I do it in my "teacher writing".


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I put together a calendar for 2008 with appropriate pictures for the kids to color. I just used my graphics program for the pictures and the calendar pages. I made a cover that says "My 2008 Calendar by__________ third grader" The parents love it. You could also use clip-art pictures that are appropriate to the month. The last picture is of Santa (gasp!) holding a sign that says "...has been very good this year!" and I put a picture of the kiddo on the sign. Parents love it, and kid have fun doing it. I print the calendar on construction paper, and use comb binding.

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Photo frames

I use foam frames from Dollar Tree, or you can cut your own rectangles from craft foam. I have the kids glue winter foam shapes (also available from craft stores, dollar stores and Walmart) on the frame. I insert a digital picture, and we're done. I have also used macaroni glued onto oaktag frames and spray painted it gold. I have used other shapes like schoolhouses, Christmas trees or dreidels for those.