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Christmas Gifts



As we near Christmas and schools begin to let out, I was just wondering what your favorite, most unusual, most special, most creative, or most thoughtful gift was that you received from your students?

For me, I was most taken aback by a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant and a set of bookends from one student. The most thoughtful was a purse purchased in Mexico from people who raise money for the only church in their village. The most special was a handmade ornament that one of my little girls made by drawing a picture in ink on part of a styrofoam plate and attaching a piece of yarn.


Surprised me.

I was surprised that a parent would spend that much money on a teacher gift. We're talking a 40-50 dollar gift. I was very surprised. GRATEFUL, but surprised nonetheless.

While I'm replying. I'm very surprised that not more people have posted to this message. I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to share in each other's joys. Apparently, I was mistaken.


Best gift

I have received gift certificates, lotions, bath oils, cocoa, cookies, brownies, etc.

However the best gift I have ever received was last year. I received an ornament from a little girl from China. The ornament was from China. These ornaments are so neat. They are handpainted on the inside through a tiny hole. I think of her every time I put that ornament on my tree.


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I couldnt reply until today- we still had school today and only received our gifts today.

I was rather hurt by the lack of appreciation shown this year. This is my first year back in a traditional classroom after being a technology integration specialist so I wasnt sure what to expect as far as gifts. I did expect something more than I received though. It baffles me that so many parents pay so little attention to recognizing their children's teachers. We spend 6 or more hours a day 7 days a week with these children 180plus days a year. We spend out own money on materials, we stay up late to plan lessons and gather supplies, we go our of our way everyday to reach their children and .... okay sorry didnt mean to go off on a ramble here-- but let me say one last thing-- on the radio it was said that the typical holiday tipping goes like this- your housekeeper- 2 days pay; sitter- 2 nights pay, a gift up to a $50 value and something from your kids, hairdressers-20-30% of your service and a gift; mail carriers a gift (not money) of a value around $25... okay with that said... they went on to say a child's teacher should get a small gift of appreiciation. I was floored by this! We do so much more than those who they are telling us to tip so well... okay really I am done now! LOL!

My favorite gift was a $15 gift card to a teacher's store.
Most unusual- some very odd looking hard candy.
Most special/thoughtful- a snowman ornament with a laptop saying merry Christmas. The family was devastated for me when I lost my tech job and they know my passion for computers and young children. So their ornamant gift meant alot.
Most creative- hmm none were really creatvie.
Most fun- a gift cert to the movies!! Wohooo now if I can only find a sitter!
Most common- antibacterial soap from bath and body works
Most useless was the gift from my admin team- a burlap looking fabric bag that says teachers are special. Can you say UGLY? LOL!


I have recieved some neat Christmas gifts over these six years that I have been in teaching. I have recieved some nice gifts from teachers and students alike. I think we all love to recieve nice gifts and we do wonder when we may get one gift or no gifts if the parents really appreciate us. To me it doesn't have to be expensive but the thought that counts. This year I recieved some cute things. I love m&Ms and I had two students buy me some, one bought me a small bag and one bought me a large bag. I got a teddy bear and candy, I also recieved a floating candle and a pretty glass candle holder and a picture frame from another student. I got some bubble bath and som bath sponges which I needed, really thankful for that. I got a bottle of wine from one of my coworkers very tasty. I got an assortment of things from my secret santa such as pens, pedicure items, a knitting set, hand lotion. I also recieved a beautiful potpourri and lights decoration really pretty.

I was really thankful for what I recieved, some teachers may did not recieve anything. I do notice that sometimes we see other teachers and we see all that they give one teacher and you wonder what is it that you did wrong to not be as appreciated, but oh well. I thought all in all I got some nice tokens of appreciation.

Happy Holidays everyone.

It seems as if you expect to be given a gift by your students. Yes, it is wonderful to receive gifts but I am a professional. I do not expect to be "tipped". My students' parents do not have to give me a gift. Many of my parents have enough trouble putting food on the table every night. My favorite gifts have been the ones the children have made for me. That shows me a true appreciation for what I do for them. This message is in response to #5.
Have a Merry Christmas all.
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