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Christmas in South America


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I will be starting my unit on South American countries right after Thanksgiving. I want to try to incorporate some Christmas traditions and maybe a craft or two to make the time more fun between the two holidays. I teach 6th grade.


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You might try to google this one. South America, although most of the continent speak Spanish, they are different than Mexico and many of the traditions will be different also. Remember too, they are in summer there.


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I can share with you what I witnessed 22 years ago when we went to Colombia to recieve our daughter. We noticed that either everyone had artifical trees or real trees outside decorated. We asked why ? It is against the law to cut down a tree to decorate like we do here in the US . The reason was because of erosion of the mountainside. So what people do is cut branches to make a bough for over the doors. That way you way the crisp smell of the tree.
One year at my school I could not afford to buy a tree for school and didn't have a artifical one so I went to a tree nursery and got a pretty section that was being trimmed off and explained the Colombian tree to my kids. But yes South America is very different from Mexico. You have alot of Portuguese, French and other cultures . Good luck Feliz Navidad! That is just a brainstorm really find what other languages are major ones and introduce Merry Christmas in each language.
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