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Christmas music already??!


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I'll start by saying that I love the Christmas season, BUT this is ridiculous! A local radio station has begun playing Christmas music 24 hours a day, starting TODAY, NOVEMBER 15!:eek: Could we at least get through Thanksgiving before I have to hear Jingle Bell Rock 6 million times??:confused:


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radio music

I agree, there are 2 radio stations locally that have been playing all Christmas music since November 11. Needless to say I have been using my CD player in the car much more than usual.<!--sing-->


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No, I think you're crazy. Get in the season! You can always change the station. My call...Christmas music can start the beginning of November. :) Just enjoy it!


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I love Christmas music, but honestly if I started listening to it on November 1 (which is when one of our local stations starts 24/7), I'd be sick of it by Thanksgiving. Especially since, despite the 100s of wonderful Christmas songs out there, they insist on repeatedly playing the same 5 or 6 songs over and over again.

I avoid Christmas music until Thanksgiving, then I listen to it all the time.

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Wanna hear early?

We had one station that plays Christmas music 24/7 and they started on November 1st.


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Today was the day

here that a station started w/ the 24/7 Christmas music. I like it, but they've started too soon. They usually start on Thanksgiving Day.


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it started in october in indy

A station in Indianapolis started playing Christmas music 24/7 in early October because the station is changing formats. They decided that was the easiest thing to do until the switch. It was annoying, but now it's not so bad.


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Us too

We had Christmas playing 24/7 by TWO radio stations competing against each other....and they started on HALLOWEEN!!!! I love christman...and christmas music, but my policy is not until after Thanksgiving can the Christmas music be played!

although I did have some playing the other day in my classroom while my kids were making christmas cards to send to the soldiers in Iraq...other than that...they know not to ask until we come back from Thanksgiving vacation!


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If you hate it now...

You would not have liked growing up in my house because my mom is such a fan of everything Christmas, she started listening to it in early October! Although we did have a rule we couldn't start watching the Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving.

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I'm a listener.

I put my Christmas CDs in the car this week to listen to while I'm driving. I just really enjoy Christmas music. I usually try to wait until after Thanksgiving. I didn't want to wait this year though. I have an XM radio system and haven't been able to find any stations that play it. Anyone know a channel???