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Christmas ornament/gift


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Does anyone have a pretty easy ornament craft that student's pictures can be place in to give to parents as gifts. If so, I would love to have a template or directions. I looped with my kids this year and several of the ideas that I have, we did last year. Thanks for any help!


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Easy, but time consuming... I have done it with 3rd and 4th graders.

Take a circle about the size of a coke can maybe a little bigger. I used my circle cutter shapes from my scrapbooking stuff. I cut the circles out of cardstock.

Cut an inside circle for the pic to show through.

Take green yarn (you will need more than you think per ornament), tie it off, and then start wrapping it over under over under until the circle is completely green. Back it with a full circle and a piece of yarn for the hook. Hole punch red paper for the "berries" and glue a few on. OBTW, don't forget to tape the pic of the kid on the "full circle.

Hope this makes sense. I don't really have a pattern or pic to give you, but pm if you are interested.

The kids have a good time and they look like a bunch of little old ladies knitting at the Senior Center! :D


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Photo oraments

I do this craft and it comes out great.

Michael's sells clear balls that come apart in the middle. Using the half circle as a guide trace around the photo and cut it out.
Push the photo in the half circle just enough that it stays. In the other half, put red paper shred. I use red metallic shred, but any will do. Close the two halves together. On the back use a gold paint pen to write the kids' names and the year. Hot glue a pretty ribbon around the seam of the ball where it is connected. Add a ribbon to hang it with. I have 5th graders and they do everything except the hot glue.

They are so cute. It can be costly, though. I have an activity fee that I can use to purchase the materials. It comes to about $50.00 and I have 23 kids.

Also, if you look for the balls in Michael's, they are in the art department. Hard to find!


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I go to Wal-mart or anystore that has those free internet disks like for AOL and get as many as I need for my kids. They are free. Take a digital of the kids and glue it to the middle of the sliver side then they decorate with glitter or puff paints or permanet markers........... We put magnets on the back so they can be put on the fridge........


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cd ornaments

I also do the cd ornaments. I cut out white cardstock the size of the cd and have the kids write a message to their parents on it. Then we glue it to the side of the cd with the label. On the other side we glue a copy of the picture I took of them at the beginning of the year and then I let them decorate that side with sequins and glitter glue. I usually drill a hole in the top and run a piece of yarn through it to hang, but I do like the idea of putting a magnet on the back. Hmmmm I may change my plans this year.



I have a template that spells "JOY" with the letters attached to each other when cut out. The students use markers and color designs on all 3 of the letters. They cut out the "O" part and their picture is taped in that spot. I laminate and put a magnet on back.