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Christmas Ornaments?


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Does anyone have their classes do an ornament to take home as a keepsake? After hanging the ornaments on our tree this year, I realized that my ds had brought home an ornament in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, but we do nothing in second (He was in the room next door last year.). I have his handprint from preschool, a paper tree he made with his picture at the top, a wreath made from macaroni noodles that is painted and has his picture in the middle..... Any other ideas that I can do with my second graders??? I don't want to spend a ton on materials and I don't want to ask the parents for donations unless there's no other way around it.



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what about a snowflake made from popscicle sticks. the students can paint and glue them together. if you want to add a picture in the center that will work as well!


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Handprint Wreath

I know you said you have a handprint form preschool, but I make a wreath out of them.

Kids trace several of their handprints on green construction paper and put them in the shape of a wreath. They use glitter to decorate and then I get a Christmas ribbon from the craft store to glue at the bottom. They turn out really cute!


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I bought some class bulbs,some paint and a paint pen and wrote each childs name and the year on the pen. Next I poured some paint in each bulb(school colors) and let the children shake them up. It turned out really cute. I have also seen bulbs where students put paint on hands and hold the bulb so their handprint is on the bulb.


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christmas ornament

I saw this idea and really liked it. The children paint their fingers and top part of their hand white and then put it around a Christmas ornament. The fingers become snowmen after the students take a sharpie and put a snowman face on it. The snowy ground is the top part of the hand. I did this with the grandchildren this past weekend and they were cute so my second graders will be making them.


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Gingerbread Houses

I am having the students make gingerbread houses out of foam. It is an easy three piece project. It will have a cut out in the front for their school picture. Its flat and about 4inches tall. Its really cute.<!--ornament-->


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In the past I have bought round glass ornaments and holiday colored tempera paint. You take the tops off of the ornaments and pour whatever colors you want to use into the ornament. Move the ornament around in your hand until the entire inside is covered in paint. Be sure not to an overabundance of paint inside or it will take forever to dry! Afterward, replace the tops on the ornaments and I write the child's name and the year in permanent marker around the top.