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Christmas programs


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What does everyone's schools do about holiday programs ? The last couple of years we've had music teachers that couldn't care less and say they will "help" by giving teachers ideas and music. I already wear every hat in the school ! I thought these programs were part of their jobs.


Christmas Program

We can't even say Christmas in our district! We, too, have no assistance from the music teacher. There is no program at my school. It's a shame, really. Other schools in my district have phenominal "holiday" programs.


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Holiday Program

My school is 4K to sixth grade. The 4K and K have a program, the first and second grade has a program, and the third and fourth grade has a program. These programs are run by the music and gym teacher, who teaches a simple dance. The music teacher practices songs in music class, but gives each classroom teacher a tape of the songs. The classroom teacher practices, using the tape, first thing in the morning and right after lunch...or twice a day when time allows. In mid-December, there is a morning program for the whole school, and that same afternoon, there are three separate programs for the community. It would be great to have all the afternoon programs at one time, but there isn't enough parking for everyone.

The fifth and sixth graders have a choir, band, and orchestra program the following week. In the morning, they present it for the whole school, and that evening, they present it for the community.

We are very lucky to have a community who supports such activities.