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Christmas Projects-planning ahead


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I just looked up a couple of websites for Christmas/Winter activities I used last year. For those who are planning ahead (because it does tend to creep up on us) you might want to take a look at these sites, below.

Little Giraffes-LOTS of seasonal activities for Kindergarten students but many can be adapted for older students.
(I think the 'snowmen on a Christmas ornament' has already been suggested on ProTeacher. In case you want to look up more specific directions, you'll find them on this web page.)

Mrs. Ritenour's Snowflake Directions (Large over-sized decoration. Probably best for 3rd grade and up.) I would recommend that teachers try to make a sample first. Also, I have my students practice the cutting and gluing (or taping) on newsprint, first. I've made these using either white, gold or silver wrapping paper. Very stunning, but also fragile.

Very similar to the snowflake above, this was the first place I found this star made of wrapping paper:
Family Fun Gold Wrapping Paper Star

Family Fun Christmas Crafts and Recipes (Quite a bit here!)

"Mrs. Gorf"

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Thanks for the sites! Our class makes the snowflakes. We make them and hang them from the ceiling for the winter months. Our second graders make them using 8" squares and they come out HUGE. It's funny to see them carrying them out to the busses and trying not to crush them. Since mine are a little older, we go for about a 6" square or smaller. You do have to have lots of patience to get the whole class going, but they love them when they are hanging.


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The stars/snowflakes are soooooo cooool! I am going to try them with my 4th graders. I know for most of them it will be a challenge, but I'm going to try anyway.


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4th Grade idea

I have students make a book of memories. the title is christmas is, or winter is. they brainstorm at least 6 memories of what they do at christmas, or during the winter, then each memory becomes a page that they decorate. for example...
christmas is decorating the tree
christmas is opening gifts
christmas is being with the people i love

they glue each page on red or green paper and we bind it. i laminate the cover and we wrap it. it's a cute little book!