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Christmas questions


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So, Christmas is quickly approaching and I starting to think about gifts, the class party, and gingerbread houses. So hear are my questions;
1. I usually invite students to buy gifts for the classroom, but this year I was thinking about gifts for a needy child. Has anyone done anything like this?

2. The Holiday party is so stressful, I want a new way to lighten the load on me. Instead of a party where the kids are full of energy, we have food galore, and open class gifts, does anyone have suggestions for a holiday party? Centers or something like that?

3. I was thinking about making gingerbread houses and finding the area, volume, etc. to tie into math, has anyone done anything like this before?



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christmas read in

Instead of a holiday party, we have a "Christmas read in". The students bring in their favorite blanket, and favorite books. If you can get enough parent volunteers, you can have breakfast for them in the morning, then they read for a little while on their own, and I read a few of my favorite holiday books to them. It's very casual and laid back, and the kids love it. If we have enough time, we sometime watch a video that connects to one of the stories I've read.


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Cookie Exchange

A few years ago a colleague shared a fun, less stressful way to do the holiday party. We have a cookie exchange. Each child brings 6 (yes, only 6) of their favorite cookies to share. We set everyone's cookies out and then have a "buffet line" where kids get a plate and choose 6 cookies to enjoy. I supply milk and have a few cookies on hand in case someone forgets/can't bring any. This cuts down on the wide variety of junk kids get and helps keep it under control. We usually open gifts and pack up our things to go home before doing the cookies to ease the end of day stress. I just pop in a holiday themed movie to keep them entertained as they enjoy their cookies.

Happy Holidays!