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Cigarette Smell (yuck!)


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I have a roomate who smokes in our apartment and I'm concerned about the smell. Especially because I may be becoming used to it, so I'm not aware of how foul it may be to visitors. Does anyone know of a good way that I can sort of neutralize the air? Last night I sprayed baking powder (soda? whatever...the one that you put in the fridge) over all of the rugs and upholstery and let it sit overnight to sort of soak it up. One part of me says that I respect the fact that she smokes, she pays rent too, etc etc. She does try to step outside once in a while, as well. So I'm not annoyed with her. I just don't want that yucky "smoker's house" stank in here!

mary 283

take care of yourself

1. The smell in the room is likely on your clothes that you are wearing to work so your coworkers may think you are the smoker.
2. Second had smoke is a huge concern. Is she smoking when you are in the room? If so, your health is at risk.
3. Smoking is a terrible habit. Do whatever it takes to get a new roommate and make sure no smoking is a rule for your future roommate.

I know I didn't answer your question, because I don't have an answer for the rug smell. Take care of yourself now and get a new roommate!


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Try OdoBan

Try using OdoBan - it is a deodorizer, disinfectant...etc.

It is sold at at some Walmarts and Sam's Club.

My parents smoke and spray Odoban before we visit. It cuts down on the smell of cigarettes tremendously.


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Febreeze works really well at getting odors out of clothes, carpets, and furniture. I had a roommate that smoked for two years. She just went outside on the porch to smoke, so it didn't stink up the house.


Get out of there

I can smell smoke a mile away (been tested postive for smoke allergies) and trust me Fabreeze will not remove the smell. You're putting yourself in danger by living with this person. I'm sure they're nice enough people but the bottom line is they're committing slow term suicide smoking and attemping the same on you . I have a good friend of mine now trying to quit. She's 45 and looks 55 due to the smoke and she knows it. Always beautiful she's now got the voice of quarterback and a leathery complexion. She's trying the patch (for the second time) and my prayers are with her .